2 Pictures of Modern Family House Design

Earlier readers may have seen some pictures of modern houses for a couple of young families in our website. But this time we will present two images of modern family home designed by different architects. This is a modern house with the facilities and size of the house which is completely different, and even houses were also different materials.


2 Pictures of Modern Family House Design 1 2 Pictures of Modern Family House Design

2 Pictures of Modern Family House Design 1

Picture of modern family home that first we found in the source worldhousedesign. Based on the source, this is a modern family home designed with the theme of the beach house. Modern family house was designed by Architects BDA. If you look at the pictures, this is a modern 2-storey house that can be used for the needs of large families. Almost the same with some of the most modern family home, here we will find some important spaces such as garages, living room, master bedroom, kitchen, terrace, and pulled him inside the house we can find a swimming pool with an open design. The architect did a lot of variation in house materials. to the floor inside the home, wood is more dominant, while the floor terrace and lounge is dominated by ceramic materials. To be truly modern look, the architect chose white as the color contrast interior lining.

2 Pictures of modern family house design 2 2 Pictures of Modern Family House Design

2 Pictures of modern family house design 2

While Eric Cob Architect, has designed a modern family home that really has a modern design. Based Housedesigntrend, this is a large modern family home which is only twenty minutes from downtown Seattle. This modern family home seems to be at the location of the slope. This location was chosen by the architect to utilize his amazing city views. Based on the pictures home, This is a family home which is formed by two volumes with different materials. The main volume of material is dominated by concrete, while the second volume, look elegant with a smooth layer of exterior plywood and a combination of large transparent glass window.

modern family house pictures

So if the two pictures of modern family home has inspired readers to design a new home ? if not, we strongly recommend to go directly to the official website of the source, because the reader will find more detailed pictures with a choice of space is more varied. Or, if readers are interested, please see some pictures of modern family home in Architecture category that we have provided on this website.


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