Cheap Modular Homes that Sold for Less Than $ 50,000


These are two modular homes that we took from different sources. This modular home sold for $ 30,000. Interestingly the price of one of these modular homes still are negotiable. Whether readers are looking for a cheap modular home? we have to do a comparison of two modular homes. The first modular home located in Avenel NJ 07001, Middlesex County. We can call it a mobile home in 1993. Price is pretty cheap, modular home is equipped with 21 important features such as: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Gas Heating, gutters, Patio, Ceiling Fan, Central Air, Oven, Dishwasher, Clothes Dryer, Storage Shed, Shutters, Cathedral Ceiling, Skylight, Microwave, Refrigerator, Clothes Washer, Shingled Roof, and gray paint.

Subsequently, a second modular home located on the road 1637 East Stardust Drive, City of Malabar, FL 32950. This type is a single wide home with Skyline C451-CT model. This is an inexpensive modular home with 2 feature bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Modular home is also equipped with a garage and Central Air. Based on official sources, this is a cheap modular home in good condition. This is a modular home with electricity and water installations are also good.


Cheap Modular Homes that Sold for Less Than 50000 Cheap Modular Homes that Sold for Less Than $ 50,000

Cheap Modular Homes that Sold for Less Than $ 50,000

Detailed information of modular houses this cheap can you direct access in and of comparison, Which modular home that really cheap? This is a modular home being sold at the same price, but some differences in features we can see clearly.

In our review of two modular homes, then, according to our modular homes are really cheap is that has been published by Our consideration not just on house prices, but to buy a modular house, prospective home buyers should consider the features of the house has to offer. and whether the modular home meets the safety standards ? as additional material readers may be interested to see examples of two-story modular home design, or readers can view directly on a category-style modular home.




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